Sunday Afternoon With Blain 22nd June 2003
Steve Hill - with the Mayor Interview Monday 16th June
Breakfast Show with Gary Sharpe - Monday 16th June
Peanuts LIVE at Banbury Show(1)15th June 2003
Peanuts LIVE at Banbury Show(2)15th June 2003
DC Midnight 19th June 2003
Sat 21st 2003 June 2pm OB from Queensway

Aaron Williams Show 15th June 2003 7pm

Mid Morning Alex Kerr 17th June 2003 10am




I will be adding mp3 files for you to listen to, the sound quailty is not to good, as this was for our records and was recorded at a low bit rate and was not for re broadcast.

At midnight on the 31st May 2003 ImpactLive burst onto the airwaves of Banbury, 106.4 FM for the month of June. Broadcasting music, news and information for and by the local community.

All people involved did so for FREE no one got paid for being on the station. ImpactLive had NO big media company backing them like the other stations, we were on our own,

which produced a crisp clear community style radio service

This site is dedicated to all who made Impactlive become Banbury's most talked about radio station, back in 2003 and today.

ImpactLive was the only Radio Station to broadcast LIVE on FM from the Banbury Show 2003, No other FM station has done since, another first from the Impactlive team.






The history of Impactlive continues to this day from Impactlive, Best Music Radio, Banbury Music Radio, Bicester Sound and today still online Banbury Live

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